Our Programs

The Family Peer Leaders (FPL)

Peer Leaders in the organization will bring the lived experiences and learn alongside other families and school communities. These FPL will learn together while at the same time offering guidance and support to a group of families via a case-management approach. The families in the program will receive professional development that will be focusing on how they, as their child’s first teacher, can help the system understand their child and their family to rebuild schools. Families will learn to advocate, amplify their voices, support the schools and be a part of the solution. 

Partnership with Schools

We will partner with the school and use our lived experiences as an asset to work with schools to build innovative, systemic family engagement programs designed to be integrated into the school culture. We will support schools by creating embedded practices for working with families, especially marginalized families of color and multilingual families. FiA will work with partner schools to redesign and rebuild their relationships with families by creating collaborative, sustainable partnerships that positively impact the school culture and student learning environment. 

Family-Focused School Reviews

Schools can contract with us to provide school assessments from the perspective of a parent through the Family Focused Review. We will do walkthroughs, review documents, communications, and programs and provide input and recommendations from a family perspective. These Family Focused Reviews can be a gamechanger for schools to partner, listen, and act alongside parents.

Together, we can make our children's future better

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